Selecting the Right Card for Your Laser Printer

Luckett Communication Papers, Inc. can provide plastic laser-printable cards for almost any model and speed of laser printer.  Whether you are printing on-demand or looking for a print-to-mail solution, the Luckett Communication Papers, Inc. patented family of cards will provide you the quality of imaging you want for your Membership ID card program.

Cut sheet membership ID 
card documents designed for Desktop and Network laser
printer platforms. 

Cut sheet and continuous membership ID card documents designed for high-speed laser printing/publishing equipment. 

Compatible Printers Compatible Printers

Compatible Printers: LaserWell

Qualified printers image at speeds
of 10 to 50 pages per minute.  Designed for on-demand 
imaging applications.

Compatible Printers: LaserWell Plus

Qualified printers image at speeds
of 50 to 180 pages per minute. 
Designed for high volume
imaging applications.

LaserWell is a trademark of FormStore Incorporated.
Protected under U.S. Patent #5413830, International Patents Pending